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Employability - how to find your ideal job...

When looking for the right job it is important for you to think about your ‘work/life’ balance. Going for positions that suit your expertise, knowledge, potential and skillset is key, but you are ultimately looking for work that fits in with your life and makes you happy. 

Understanding that not every position you go for is going to be right for you. It is not always about being successful at interview stage but how you feel about it after. Do you like the environment, the people, the journey etc? If you don’t get a good first impression this can sometimes be where gut instinct is telling you that things aren’t right. You want to feel positive and for the right reasons 

It is okay not to take the first positon that comes your way. Sometimes being under pressure to find work can land you in a job that isn’t for you and ultimately you end up unhappy and back where you started. For longevity it can be beneficial to do research and assess your options to get it right.

You need to match who you are with the place of work. Doing background research on your potential employer, finding out about the team you would be working with. Really find out if it is somewhere you feel like you will fit in and if the position really is what you want it to be and has the prospects you desire. 


Preparation for Interviews

A successful interview requires careful planning and preparation to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and you feel more confident. 

·         Be professional from the word ‘GO’ you are being assessed from the moment you pick up the phone to an employer and you don’t want to put yourself on the back foot.

·         Research the company and job role you are applying for

·         Use the job description and highlight areas in your skills and experience that match the job role

·         Prepare some relevant questions to ask the interviewer

·         Plan your journey and allow time for potential delays

·         Dress for the job



What do employers look for in a CV? 

·       A clear and specific personal statement that summarises what you are looking for as well as some of the key elements you can provide from your skillset and experience that makes you suitable for the role you are applying for.   

·        Tailoring your CV to the role you are applying for.  Relevant skills, qualifications and work history for the positions so you will want to market this more clearly and ideally on the first page to ensure that it is meaningful and visual to the employer.

 ·       A logical set out of your CV making it easy to read with the most recent and relevant information at the top. This is the first piece of information they will see so you want this to say as much about you as possible, as concisely as you can.  

·       Instead of reading a list of the skills you have it is of more interest to see evidence of when you have made a difference e.g. if you have “good leadership skills” give examples to back this up and add individuality to an otherwise generic statement. 

·       Clarify any gaps within employment. It’s important to know what you have been doing during any breaks from work. 



 The Interview 

·         Make sure you are on time

·         Let your passion and enthusiasm shine through

·         Be yourself and be honest; employers want to know the true person they potentially will employ

·         Always put a positive spin on negative situations and how they have built your experiences and learning

·         If it doesn’t feel right, think twice about accepting the position. 


You are not alone - we can support you?

With our years of experience, our skills are from knowing the local schools and then finding out about yourself as an individual hence we can support you and share our knowledge of the right schools/environments that would best suit you.

Our team of teachers and recruitment professionals are very education focussed and have the belief and passion in each person we meet to find your ideal position.

Please contact us if you would like our support

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