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Our Service to Candidates

Business hours 8am - 5.30pm  For emergency contact 7am - 9pm

Every person is treated as an individual.  It is important to us to find the right work to fit your skills, education and work/life balance.  You are at work a long time and to find the right position for you to be happy is paramount.  Not every school, nursery, office is right for everyone; we strive to find you the right work in the right environment.

Whether you are in a Permanent Position or looking for Temporary Work - we work to suit your requirements.

We will:

  • Meet you locally at a mutual time and venue
  • Understand what you want and work on your behalf to find the right position
  • Ascertain any training areas and offer any support and training courses
  • Do full safeguarding and vetting clearances for working with children
  • Not pressure you into any roles that you are not confident, skilled or outside of your remit to do
  • Prepare you for each individual position and can give you comprehensive client knowledge
  • Assist with CV's or Applications
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Guidance with your tax and making sure you are on the correct coding
  • Personal advisor for continued support and development

Do you require a new enhanced DBS?

We are happy to carry out a DBS for anyone:

Contact us for the password and follow the following link: www.dbsassist.co.uk/ucheck/ 

Complete an online DBS which is very fast and efficient. 

Please note we require to see original documentation and payment of £55.00

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